This may be old news for some, and I actually heard about this a few months back and then forgot about it for some reason, but just in case there are folks out there who haven’t heard yet, there is a new road course opening in Pontiac this spring: the M1 Concourse!

The project is being billed as a kind of automotive/motorsports theme park, with a track (obviously), and business space for automotive-related businesses and shops, plus restaurants and an area for events. I don’t know how much of that is lined up at this point, but I have driven past the location and was able to see a bunch of tire walls set up at the track.

If you’ve got cash to burn, you can buy a “car condo” with garage space starting at $115,000 for a 500 square foot unit, on up to almost half a mil for a garage almost twice as big as my house. It would be pretty cool to be able to keep a car right at the track, and have a place to hang out with your gearhead friends. But alas, I don’t have it in the budget for another mortgage just to store a car or two.

There’s no hard date set for opening, but it’s slated to open this spring, so it should be within the next few months. I am planning on heading out to visit the grand opening if I’m able, hopefully I’ll see some of you there.