So my wife and I are heading to Knoxville to adopt another Basset Hound. We’re leaving January 6th and staying in Nashville that night, then heading over to Knoxville Saturday to pick up our new to us doggy. As exciting as that is, we are also going to Lane!

My wife is almost as big of a car dork as I am. I honestly couldn’t have found a better woman. She’s perfectly fine with riding around the dealer lots and going to car museums and watching car shows and all that fun stuff. She wrenches, too!

We’re planning on going to lane both Friday and Saturday. The reason why is because we really want to do a basement tour on Saturday and we probably won’t have time to do the whole place that day since we have to drive to Knoxville. Either way, if any Nashville area Oppo would like to join us, let me know! She’s never been so I am really excited to take her.

Aside from going to Lane, we obviously will need to eat. For the Nashville/Knoxville area Oppos, do you have any suggestions? We’re not super picky and we love trying local places.