After a successful PTG (Parent Teacher Group) meeting last night, I have been chosen to join a task force, if you will, of parents and teachers to help quell the issues with the parking lot at my daughters’ school!

I will be working firsthand with the principal on re-designing a map that will notify parents of HOW and WHERE to drop off/pick up children, as well as where NOT to go and what NOT to do.

Like, skip ahead of the waiting line of cars by driving ON THE RIGHT between us and the playground, then crossing in front of the first waiting car at the curb to drop off your shitty little kids.

OR. Skipping the line on the left and stopping in the middle of the one lane road and holding up traffic as you let your shitty little kid out BETWEEN TWO BUSES.


Every day its something new.

I even volunteered to set up cones, and direct traffic as need be, as I am usually to school with 45 minutes to spare between child drop-offs.


The main thing is, I wasn’t the only one noticing the general asshattery of drivers, and the dangerous conditions they were causing. Most of the parents (about 15) in the meeting voiced that they knew of issues.

We were also made aware a child had died at another school in the state during drop off/pick up.


Things need to change.

I’m happy to help.

Now I just need authorization to slap some parents upside the head for doing the kind of shit I saw this morning... and EVERY morning.