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Hey Oppo,

Teach me about the 2nd gen Equinox.

The future Mrs. Chris_K_F drives an FR-Slow will be car shopping soon with a budget of around $15k. She wants an SUV or crossover for a couple of reasons.
1) She doesn’t like sitting so low current car is a ‘10 Civic, previous was a ‘13? Fiesta, which she actually liked a lot.
2) We have a dog, and she wants lots of room to transport him to and fro.

My immediate top pics for her are used CR-Vs, RAV4s, Santa Fe, Tucson, and CX-5 or 3 if it could be found within the price range. Ford Edge is probably on the list too, since I’ve been fairly impressed with newer Ford models.

She’s recently mentioned that she really likes the Equinox, but I’m mostly unfamiliar with them. Pricing, mileage, and options on used 2014 models seems attractive enough, and reviews for that year aren’t bad either. Not great, but not bad. Seems like a solid B student. I’ve just been a bit wary of GM models do to some of their history, but as I said, I don’t have enough personal experience with them to make a more educated call in that regard.

Thoughts? Input? Other suggestions?

Do your thing, Oppo. (I know this is everyone’s favorite game)


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