Well, It’s a bit slow tonight, so what the hell? Ask me anything. At last count, I have 11 cars. That’s my Porsche up there. I also have a C6 Z06, an e46 M3, a Caddy CTS V-Sport, a ‘70 VW Bus, a ‘95 Bronco, and a bunch of GM trucks (some cool, some not). I also have like 6 boats, or something crazy like that. I used to be a lawyer, but now I’m not because it was super stressful. So now I live off of investments made with that sweet, sweet lawyerin’ money. I collect hobbies ranging from hardcore survivalist camping shit to the noble game of golf, with lots of stuff in between. I hesitate to call myself a connoisseur, but I am an enthusiast and producer of fine craft beer, and an enthusiast, though not a producer (yet), of fine tequila. I split time between San Diego, Baja, and Alaska. I also suffer from fairly severe insomnia, which often leads to boredom, which in turn often leads to shit like this.

So there you go. Have at it.