Hey Oppo, anyone in the market for a big-ass monitor?

I have come into possession of a couple of big ass computer monitors that I don’t need. I’ve got an Acer Predator X34 and an HP Omen 32" QHD freesync model.




The predator is in perfect shape. No dead pixels, pretty minimal backlight bleed. G-sync, and all that jazz. The omen was damaged, and I’m actually waiting for the replacement to ship in, so that’ll be a couple days.

Figured I’d drop a line here before going out to Craigslist or Reddit, or whatnot. If you’re localish to Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio, that would be easiest. I’ll ship, but man, that’s not going to go cheaply. That said, these monitors retail for $1000 and $400 respectively, so maybe $700 and $250? Just spit balling. Or, you know, make an offer. Otherwise, off to the list of craig, or ebay, or reddit, or whatever.

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