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Hey, Oppo. Been a while. Got a bike question.

Hey all. Work’s been incredibly busy and consuming, but in a really fun and engaging sort of way. Sorry for not contributing much of anything lately. Got a bike question...

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For the bike mechanics in the crowd: I need to build my kids a couple of new-to-us bikes for the spring, and in the interest of scoring used frames and parts on the cheap, I’m starting the project now. I’d like to build my kids a couple of plus bikes- one with 24" wheels, and one in 26". We ride a lot of ATV trail gnar here in Maine, along with some rooty and rocky single track. Kids are 6 and 10, and take after me: stupid tall. We ride a lot as it is, and essentially need adult quality plus-tire xc hardware in a pint sized package to manage their preferred terrain and skill levels.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

-plus tires- 2.75-3.0"

-wheels that can go tubeless, even if it’s a hack job

-preferably a shimano 8-9-10 speed free hub- we spend a fair bit of time climbing, and the kids need big ranges.


-Will be set up 1x

-hydraulic disk brakes, preferably SRAM family, so I can keep one bleed kit for the whole house.


-rigid frame, but cheap air shocks needing rebuilds are cool too.

I’m starting from the ground up- do anyone have recommendations for a frame that’s a good foundation for a lightish and durable bike in those sizes that can take a plus tire?



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