As part of our looming kitchen remodel, we are looking to replace all the appliances in the kitchen. I can find a range and a microwave and a dishwasher, but I’m losing my mind over the refrigerator. Based on the kitchen design, we need to have a counter-depth (24" deep box) fridge that is 36" wide. I don’t want side-by-side, so I’m stuck with French doors. A water/ice dispenser would be nice, but not required. I’d rather have an ice maker in the freezer that makes more ice. I think Mrs. Ttyymmnn and I have looked at just about every single refrigerator that fits these criteria.

But—should I bother with reviews? Even the highest-rated fridges on Consumer Reports have a slew of negative reviews, mostly for parts that fail weeks or months after purchase. But I also know that the majority of people who bother to write a review only do so because they have an axe to grind, and that for every bad review there are probably hundreds of satisfied customers. This is really driving me nuts, and we have to decide by this weekend to take advantage of the Labor Day sales.