My dad won't let me DD the Civic I'm hopefully getting this weekend because it's "too small" and "unsafe". He is entirely convinced that crash ratings are mostly useless because the roads are dominated by larger vehicles, and that they will insta-kill you in a wreck. My thinking is a smaller, lighter, stiffer car is more likely to skitter away from an impact than to hold its ground and get crushed in. More G forces, less likely to get impaled by your A pillar.

As a reference, other cars in my family ar a 99 Silverado, 05 Passat, and my 00 LeSabre. The Civic in question is a 1998 Civic Sedan. Can anyone come up with a decent argument for "allowing" me to drive the car I intend on buying in a couple days? Keep in mind money isn't an issue; I'm paying for everything, but since I live with him and I'll be piggybacking on his insurance he still has say in things.