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Hey OppO, I'm a civilian again!

So I finally moved home to Cincinnati From Germany as part of my separation from the Army. After 8 years in, and 3 years in Germany, This city has changed, seems like mostly in a good way.

Some things I’m not used to:

It seems like no one says hi to you in the states. I got so used to just randomly greeting strangers that now I look weird saying “hi” to everyone.


My Q5 and my 135i went from 1 of 7 on the street to 1 in like 10,000 cars I see driving around. makes me feel all fancy and shit.

I hate driving in the US, Ohio specifically. I just hate it. the speeds are stupidly low, and people in general seem to be paying zero attention. to what they are doing. Not that germans are driving Gods, they also have a fair share of idiots, as anywhere does. But in general the basic adherence to rules and highway etiquette that germans exhibit basically spoiled me.

Lets not talk about how hard it is to not set the cruise at 90 and go. It takes FOREVER to get anywhere. Like years of my life. FeelsOldMan.


Also the fact that everyone speaks english. I got used to just barely talking because there was no point beyond “gross Heffe” and “toiletten?” but I can understand literally everyone now, and it hurts my brain.

I missed being home though. I am definitely glad to be back in the US, and happy to begin the rest of my life. Just need to find a way to fund my car part addiction.


Anyone selling an N54 charge pipe? I need to get to a track soon, I’m growing restless without the ‘Ring being an hour north :)

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