According to the weather, this nice run of 70 degree temps will hold at least until Saturday afternoon, so I should be able to make the revived Cars & Coffee tomorrow morning.

Alas, all is not well in Pumpkin’s domain.


As it will do here, we went from nights below freezing and days in the 50s to days in the 70s, and I have not been on top of the pool. I am going to try to get out of the office early today so I can work on it. I am a bad pool boy and should be fired. I have tried to make my 17 year old do it to earn T Bird restoration money, but he hasn’t bitten. I am taking it to a local restoration shop for a breakdown of full restoration costs so he will be motivated to earn some money.

Does Oppo Nespresso? A guy I have a bunch of business to sent me this for Xmas, and it is a totally impractical, expensive device. But the coffee is really good. From time to time, we order a couple of boxes of the capsules as a treat, but they cost too much to do it all the time. They are also horrible aluminum solid waste.


They say if you live in a fancy enough town, they have can drop them off to be recycled. I live in Fresno, which is not a fancy town at all.

Yes, in Con Air, Dave Chappelle’s body landed on a car in downtown Fresno. This scene was filmed on location. Thank you, Hollywood.


Have a good Friday, Oppo. Enjoy your cars.