Hey Oppo, Let's See Your Wheels

I had a pretty epic spearfishing day yesterday, which made me realize I need a waterproof camera in my life. So I bought one today, and I’ve been drinking heavily and fucking around with it taking bad pictures of my cars and stuff tonight. I’m a really shitty photographer. Anyway, on the whole, the pictures of wheels suck least. So here they are. I think they’re cool. I love wheels. Let’s see yours!

Shitty picture of some brake dust-coated Ultras on my Tahoe.
Shitty picture of some Forgestar F14s on my M3.
Shitty picture of some Fuchs on my Porsche.
Shitty picture of the stock wheels on my V-Sport
The best of a bunch of truly, truly awful pictures I took of my Z06 tonight,

I’m sorry I’m such a shitty photographer, guys. I’ll try to get better.

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