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Hey Oppo, Long Time no See...

How’s the family?

Frankly, I’ve been quite busy with my new job at [withheld dealership]. I’ve been doing a lot of 8-5 shifts Monday through Friday, and seeing that the actual place is an hour away, give or take traffic, that means I’ve been reduced to going to bed at 10 PM and waking up at 5 AM. Basically, I’ve gone full adult, much to my chagrin. But we’re making bank.


I’ve gotten the chance to drive a lot of interesting cars, some of which I’ve been amazed by and others not so much. I finally understand Range Rovers now, and I can now confirm wholeheartedly that I will never own a Miata as long as I live.

So how’s things here? I miss you guys. I haven’t gotten a chance to write much here or at my new venture because of it, but I assure you I’m trying to stay active.

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