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Hey Oppo longish time no see. Anyways, let's get to it: 2004 Volvo S40 2.4i, what should I know about it?

Well, Kinja mobile posting is a train wreck. Anyways, I found one with a clean title, 118k miles, auto for only $1k obo on OfferUp. Body looks to be in good shape save for some scratches, fading and small dings. It needs a battery and front wheel bearings. Interior is a little dirty but all there. Honestly it’s in overall good shape and just needs a deep cleaning and basic restoration, which I can do. The labor for the front wheel bearings can be done by myself and my classmates in the tech garage at my school, so the only cost expended would be on the part itself. Here’s a shitty cropped pic from the website since every time I post a link the car online it seems to sell soon after. I like to dub these completely coincidental happenings as the “Local Lurker Attacks”. Anyways, would it be wise to pick this one up? What are some things that I should be careful of and potentially wallet crushing problems that are common at this mileage/with these cars? Also, how offending is it if I were to take him up on the OBO and offer around $600-700? I appreciate the help, this could be my first car/"project".

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