This woman has worked for me as a paralegal for a couple of years. She has a law degree, and started as a law clerk, taking shitty money and no benefits to get her foot in the door. She has worked her ass off and has proved her competence.

She is tough as nails, smart as a whip, and determined to succeed. She has earned my respect and admiration as she has clawed her way toward being a lawyer. You see, she has failed the bar exam three times, yet remains determined. Result #4 comes out tomorrow night.

Man, I want her to pass, and I want to give her a job as an attorney. This woman is going to be a star; the test doesn’t know shit. My best hires have never been blue chippers with a clear path to success; my best outcomes have been hiring hungry people who have brains and drive and just need a chance. I have invested a lot in her and want so bad for her to make it. I have posted a lot about shitty lawyers, but this woman could be a great one. People who have to fight for it are better.

Please use your Oppo magic to deliver a good result for a nice person. She deserves it. Oh yeah, her boyfriend is putting is cancer-stricken dog through chemo, so how can you not root for these people?