Came home to this event today. “the hell did you find it necessary to cut open my driveway?” in the calmest demeanor possible. Apparently a survey deemed there to be a gas leak which warranted my gas being shut off, driveway excavated, and back gate left wide open. The hole is about 6 feet deep based on the individual standing in it.

The Good: all new gas service and meter installed - plus no gas leak. Driveway to be patched.

The Bad: driveway patch is “temporary” and will be my responsibility to have permanently repaired but VA Natural Gas will pay for it? They were scarce on details. There’s now massive holes and dirt everywhere.

The Pissed: zero notice whatsoever. No slip on my door, phonecall, nothing. So no heat or hot water all day- because fuck if I had someone elderly or newborn living here who needed to make preparations to stay elsewhere.

It now 440pm, there’s still a guy in the hole, the other holes are wide open and looks like a lot of missing lines still.

I really wouldn’t be so irate if I’d have at least received a phone call that said “hey Mr Gengar this is VA Nat Gas calling to inform you we discovered a gas leak and had to secure your service in order to make necessary repairs, sorry for the inconvenience.” instead I got “fuck yo driveway, fuck yo yard, shower in the cold”