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Hey Oppo....tell me why I'm dumb for considering this...

We've been test-driving trucks for the past few days. This is the vehicle that we have both agreed we really like.

It's a 2005 Tacoma w/ a 4cyl and 5spd, and has 97K on the odo. It's below KBB's and NADA's suggested values. It drives really nice and sounds good. Gets through all the gears without trouble, though I'd agree with the edmunds.com assessment that the gears are a little vague. Go here to see more.


Google-fu says 2005 Tacomas have rust issues on the frame. This makes me sad. Also, the pictures on the website skillfully avoid the front drivers-side view that would show the dents or rub marks that have been filled in but not painted. The insurance adjuster with which I share a bed says it probably hit a stationary object at low speed and the damage is most likely cosmetic. Looking underneath, I don't see any obvious frame damage, but I do plan to take it to a mechanic to look over before going any further...just wanted to see what you folks thought.

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