It has been about a year since I made any videos for my automotive youtube channel Drive Fast Not Loud and I’m getting a bit antsy. I’ve been encouraged by other local Youtubers to get back into the game but I’m having issues coming up with ideas.

Ideas so far:

  • Jag review/intro video “wow look at this crazy crap I’ve been working on”
  • clickbaity Miata review “BETTER THAN AN S2000?!” or something
  • Once I get a gopro that works with a helmet microphone I’d like to do an urban exploration/Wichita history tour thing on the CX500 (probably not till spring)
  • European V8 Swap Showdown with Hoovie and Apollo 911 (would need more content to establish myself a little before approaching him with this but he’s definitely down for collab videos)
  • Jag autocross video (??not sure what the gimmick here could really be other than “lol grand touring car killing cones”)
  • General project car updates. Once the Jag is running I’d like to do a video on the cheap visual mods I’m wanting to do. Hacking off the bumpers, putting a rally-style light cluster on it, number roundels, general XJS road rally style thing. Maybe a video on how to rattlecan touchup a bumper cover because that has gone so well for me in the past.

That’s about it. Unfortunately a few of those would need recording equipment I don’t yet have but hopefully this weekend or the next I can get started on knocking these out. Anyone have suggestions for me? Things you’d like to see?