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Hey Pittsburgh/PA Area Oppos

Spyker for your time.
Spyker for your time.

My trip to Pittsburgh is just around the corner, and I’m pretty excited. The main reason I’m putting together this post, though, is that I’m looking for stuff to do in the area.


So, if you live around Pittsburgh or just in Pennsylvania in general, what kind of gearhead-centric things can you recommend for me to do? What kind of meets are going on? I’ll be coming through from June 3rd to about June 5th so that’s what we’re looking at time-frame wise. Any non-gearhead things are also welcome.

I know there’s meets in the area, I looked at the apparent Cars and Coffee of the area, but their rules were super snobby and I doubt I’ll even be there the correct day to actually go to it, so if you know of any weekly meets or something to look out for, let me know.

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