HEY, PNW Oppos.

Blip shift is having a design contest for a PNW themed shift.

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The Pacific Northwest is known for technology (Microsoft), transportation (Boeing), and the reinvention of coffee (Starbucks). But best of all, there is a vibrant car culture lurking in the shadows. Let’s bring it into the light with custom designed t-shirts and apparel! Griot’s Garage, a premium car care manufacturer and purveyor of all things “car cool” based in Tacoma, Washington, and Seattle-based Avants, a new membership program for local car enthusiasts who want more than just “cars and coffee,” are spearheading this celebration with the Pacific Northwest: Slinging In The Rain Tee Design Contest.

We’re looking for t-shirt designs that embody the PNW… with or without the rain. Capture the essence of motoring in the northwest, the splendor of the trees and mountains, the area’s many wonderful landmarks, the basic love of cars… maybe callout the region’s most popular cars and styling trends??? Be creative, make it shine… And for the design that best taps into that Northwest vibe, well, Griot’s and Avants are making it rain with the grand prize package that includes:

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