So this morning I was coming down that very ramp, trying to merge onto I35. I glanced into the rearview and saw a newer Maxima barreling down the outside lane and move into the shoulder. He passes, drives a few hundred feet and at the last second swerves back onto the road to avoid another car that was exiting. Very close call.

Right behind him is an F150 who sees this and jumps back into the lane two cars ahead of me. The car in front and I both jam the brakes, but the tailgater behind me clips my bumper, then beats it onto the shoulder and exits while I'm still at a standstill.


The damage is minimal but I still called USAA, who in turn reported the hit and run to APD for me. Go, USAA. Black PT Cruiser with dark tint and a dude with a beard driving is all I saw. I'm expecting a call from the traffic detective later this morning.

On a related note, hit and runs around here have gone through the roof over the past few months, especially after a jury basically acquitted a girl who hit a pedestrian and left her to die. Horrible story. Horrible precedent. One juror who foght for conviction said the others didn't like to see a girl cry. Anyway... Austin is basically anarchy.