In my quest to be self-sufficient in terms of plowing my own driveway, I’ve been perusing my local Craigslist looking for something that won’t pass inspection for some reason (thus knocking the price down) but that would be a reasonably reliable plow mule for me. No point in having a POS truck that’s constantly breaking down on me. I also have to be able to fix things that DO break mostly by myself, because I won’t be driving it to a mechanic. For one, I don’t want to put a lot of money into it. Two, it won’t be registered.

Last week I spotted a decent late 90's Ford for $2k with no apparent issues besides rust (a given). It’s gone, I’m sure someone snapped it up.


So check this thing out! (link in case kinja)


$2,500 for a 2001 F350 diesel. Doesn’t say “just needs...” but it does say won’t pass inspection. “Interior excellent!” Is more than I can say of most yard trucks I’ve seen or had.

What does Oppo think of a 2001 Ford with a 7.3 diesel?

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