HGTV has ruined real estate.

This should probably be in Cigar lounge, if only I had publishing rights (hint hint)

As a car nut, my dream is to loan own (great term I read the other day) a garage. In my area there are three types of homes

1) Mill homes close to town: cheap and crammed on top of each other. Chance of a garage. Snowballs chance in hell.

2) Suburban homes. 50% have a garage and here's my problem. It seems like HGTV has been able to convince every person that they need to update your kitchen. The agent that was touring me. "They finished the renovations 1 1/2 years ago, spending over 40k on the kitchen! Here are the before and after photos. It was right out the 80's"

me:"I really don't care what they spent. I just want a functional kitchen. I don't care if it's dated" It's like reading car ads "Over $20k in receipts and work", yeah that kinda sucks, because your car is still only worth $15k.


3) McMansions laughably out my budget. Chance of garage; 100%

My ultimate goal is to find the elusive decent suburban home that hasn't fallen under the control of HGTV Something like a 1.5 from my list above. Maybe I should just take the money I would spend on the down payment and get another car. Oh that's right I have no place to put it!

/end rant

My dream..


Maybe I should just buy this kit.