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Hi. How we all doing?

Key turned to accessories, don’t worry.
Key turned to accessories, don’t worry.
Photo: Me!

Item 1: Day 21 and still no problems with my wife’s car. I’m driving it today just to see how everything been. Couple hundred miles away from another oil change.


Item 2: Met a nice guy who offered a trade for my Paseo. A Z3 Clownshoe coupe 2.8 (base) with 156k miles or so. Though the owner said that sometimes is smells like oil when driving because I guess the timing or cam covers leak because “they just do that.” I have this belief that most people who offer trades do not trade down. Later, he offered $7,500 for my Paseo. thatsgonnabeanofrommedawg.png

Too bad JakeWhoHatesLexus isn’t nearby, he’d have been all over that Z3.

How 'bout all you good folks?

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