Hi. How we all doin'?

As you may have noticed...


... Or not — I’ve lately not been bombarding you all with sunsets, doggo, light fixtures, or whatever the hell else I spam with, nor have been bombing your posts tasteless with, “me me me me me” replies.



1) Hello.

2) Kinja is increasingly frustrating to deal with.

3) I threw out my back and am in constant pain.

4) Various NSFOppo things that exist.

Here’s something unrelated and different: I actually installed something that I facilitated: a painted glass backsplash in an old condo. I think the building was built in 1901 or something like that. So... lots of brick and other charms.

Don’t even comment about the gap on the right, it’s flush with the edge of countertop... which REALLY should have ordered to butt or notch around the window casing, but not my problem.

The corner is actually two piece attached to a removable box so that one could still access the old conduit.


Turned out real nice... But I will say that with jobs like these: the planning, and the layout, and the color options, and the revisions, transportation, and so on... the profit margin is nearly nonexistent. But the customer was happy, and my builder was grateful.

Oh, and why was he grateful? Because the team that was first sent out to install this filled out a backorder and said the glass was the wrong size (specifically, they say I called out the wrong sizes, not that it came in wrong) and couldn’t do it. This in turn pissed off the occupant because she’d been waiting to complete this remodel for some time, and oops, Zoidberg must have fucked up according that those particular installers, let’s spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on more custom glass and make the wait forever. Their new sizes they called for would have left a massive gap against the conduit box.


My reply to the accusation was as follows: Bullshit, I spent hours and hours on this damn job. I knew it would fit, and I’d do it myself to prove it. I asked a coworker to help — who assisted with the original templating — and sure as shit, we did it ourselves and it is as good as you could ever hope. Even the cutouts for the GFIs were so precise that no jumbo coverplates were necessary.

I am admittedly still steamed. Sure I saved the company hundreds of dollars, made the customer happy, shaved six weeks waiting for what would have been the wrong glass, prevented a guaranteed additional backorder therefore saving an additional six weeks, and did something cool... But why... Whyyyyyyy did I have to do that?


Thank you for your usual indulgences of... myself.

And how are you?

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