Computers. What a pain. The guy I was supposed to buy the Chromebook from hasn’t responded in several days. This Acer is driving me crazy. Folding at home is taking for-freaking-ever to upload and the credits keep dropping. The company I bought two sets of RAM from charged $5 per order for shipping even though they were sent in the same little envelope. My Plex server was having video problems when I tried to fold. The Windows 10 license on the Acer is apparently a corporate one and I can’t activate it on the SSD I just installed. It crashes when doing some updates, either Windows updates or just drivers. I can’t update the BIOS to use the Ivy Bridge chip I ordered. Nvidia says that there’s a software update available, takes me to the page but the ‘download’ link is greyed out. I got to another download page but it’s puttering along at 150 kb/s on a 200 mbps connection; speedtest shows 8 mbps down, 0.5 mbps upload. The grocery store was out of biscuits and ginger ale. One location of a grocery chain I shop at closed an hour earlier than every other location I’ve been to during COVID-19 hours which corresponds to 10 minutes after I arrived. It’s raining and half of a bag of groceries dumped into the gutter. The chicken I bought for tomorrow’s dinner was left out on the counter overnight and is now, um, inflating. QT was out of my favorite tea. Over the last three days I’ve had two killer migraines that have knocked me out for most of those days, etc.

I did cook up a deep dish pizza, and improved it with bacon and extra cheese, and that was quite tasty, so I guess not everything sucks...

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