So i’ma show you the parts of the garage that don’t normally get shown.

I will warn you, it’s about as organized as a dinosaur’s dinner plan.

First a little backstory. Originally it used to be the shop that my dad ran his contracting business through but now it’s turned into the “family” garage

we’ll start with a part you’ve never seen before, the actual shop part of the garage.


As you can see it’s full of equipment that I rarely ever use. I spend very little time in here, mainly because my car won’t fit, but the time I do spend in here I’m plugging the air hose or either looking for a metric nut/bolt, which is a lost cause because 99% of hardware in here is standard.


Now let’s move on the actual garage part.

This is the desk of stuff, mainly small stuff like wiring, fluids and things get put here.


Next up is the shelf and wagon of oddball tools/parts

complete with computer and internet.


This is the table of things that pretty much never get used, contents include an alfa transmission, a gallon of bondo and an air conditioner.

Finally this is the wall of stuff that gets used more commonly and/or i’m just too lazy to put back. If you look closely you’ll also notice that I’m now using an actual cart to propel the welder and not a plastic creeper.


That concludes the “tour” of my garage space.