About a week ago I was watching MotorWeek at home. I just love the sultry rhythms of John Davis's voice when he says, "Hi, I'm John Davis." The show was on the new 911 Turbo, and some economy weird hybrid SUV or something, I was watching it for the 911 because usually MotorWeek has a different opinion on cars than others. While I was watching the review of said 911, John Davis uttered these words, "I like big brakes and I cannot lie"! Was I hallucinating? Was I dreaming, what the heck just happened? I have got to be in some weird alternate dimension right? John Davis didn't just quote Sir Mixalot right? I played it in my head a few times, pinched myself, threw a bit of cold water on my face, then pinched myself again! I wasn't dreaming. Then I scanned for free radicals and some quantum entanglement particles and possibly for some dark matter. I wasn't in an alternate universe either. I then had to come to the conclusion that John Davis, MotorWeeks awesome presenter really did just Quote "Baby's got Back"!

I immediately took to the Twitters and Tweeted out, "@MotorWeek s John Davis literally just quoted sir mixalot @Jalopnik@MattHardigree we must get him on a AMA". Matt informed me that he had done one for us about a year ago which I missed. Then MotorWeek tweeted me back! @jonathon_klein@MattHardigree@Jalopnik Did you make that up? LOL". So then began a small conversation with whoever is running their Twitter feed, who is also awesome.

Me: @MotorWeek@MattHardigree I might have been hallucinating, but I'm pretty sure my wife was sitting right next to me laughing hysterically! @MotorWeek@MattHardigree@Jalopnik and I quote "I like big brakes and I cannot lie" John Davis talking about the Porsche 911

MotorWeek: @jonathon_klein@MattHardigree@Jalopnik LOL That is pretty funny. We laughed at the thought of it.

Me: @MotorWeek@MattHardigree@Jalopnik This quote needs to be emblazened on a plaque somewhere in someones garage or on a national monument!


MotorWeek: @jonathon_klein@MattHardigree@Jalopnik That is funny!

Then things got even cooler, just a few minutes had gone by and MotorWeek Tweeted this.

Join us for a live chat Wednesday March 5th with MotorWeek's own John Davis. Use the hashtag #AskMWCrew to join in.


Me: @MotorWeek Did you guys do this just for me?

MotorWeek: @jonathon_klein Yes lol

I got MotorWeek to setup a AMA with John Davis with a Sir Mixalot Quote!!!!!!! So fellow Jalops, on March 5th, MotorWeek will be doing a Ask Me Anything with everyones favorite Motoring TV journalist on the Tweeters! Hooray!


Update: John is answering your questions now!

And you can follow me and MotorWeek here on the Twitter's.

Photocredit to MotorWeek.