Hi Oppo!

I’m new here, so let’s introduce myself. My name’s Wout (see my username for pronunciation help), I’m Belgian and hopefully graduating as an electrical engineer in a couple of months.

Since owning a car as a university student is almost completely unnecessary here, I’ve been sharing cars with my mom, who fortunately is somewhat of a petrolhead herself (her second car was a 323 GTX).
Sadly, Belgian taxes weren’t really conductive for petrolheads a couple of years ago, so I was taught how to drive in a Citroën C4 1.6 HDi with 92 raging diesel horses in the front.
Next up was a Volvo S40 1.6 DRIVe, an improvement of no less than 17 hp, but at least it looked a whole lot faster.

OEM rice

Anyway, tax laws changed, so when it was time to get a new car, I managed to steer the search towards petrol and high powered diesels. We ended up at Volkswagen looking at the GTD, but since my mom preferred the red accent line in the grill (as you can imagine, I wasn’t protesting), we eventually got a Carbon Steel Grey GTI with the Performance pack and DSG.

Ignore the parking job

She’s served us well for the past three years, but she’s up for sale now, as my mom is looking for a BMW 1 or 2 series convertible, and I’m getting my own car once I graduate (I’m a fan of light and nimble, but I’ll do another post detailing my search later).
I do have amazing memories of taking the GTI with me to my internship in southern Germany last summer and exploring the Alps and Dolomites, so she’ll be dearly missed.


Other Oppo-related interests of mine include aircraft, tinkering with PCs, whiskey, and beer.

So, that’s me, I’m looking forward to contributing to the community! If you’ve got any questions, just ask!

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