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Hi, Oppo.


How we all doing?

Just found out my fridge probably should be replaced. It’s okay because I’ve already been worn down by the many inconveniences of 2019, so it’s not so bad. Found water dripping though the basement ceiling but was relieved to find it was just the fridge leaking and dripping through what I presume is a hole for the smaller water line of a previous fridge. Why they drilled a new hole directly not to the old and didn’t just bore out the old, I’m not sure. But for the short term, it is a convenient weep hole!


I seem to have fixed the clogged pipe for the discharge on the washing machine, but I remain paranoid, and the Y-pipe drips on the floor because I had to take it apart a half dozen times so it probably needs to be replaced at this point. Small bananas. Ran two loads today and had no apparent problems. Although running the machine while I’m out running errands is now out of the question.

I spent 30 minutes attempting to justify a frivolous vehicle purchase at the tail-end of 2019 or early 2020, and may have mathematically proven that I shouldn’t buy anything until 2021. Foiled again!

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