Found this channel awhile ago - it’s in German so Youtube caption translate is your friend. They don’t work great, but it works well enough to get the point across.

The channel is pretty awesome as the guy does a lot of tours and ‘first-starts’ of a bevy of East German vehicles...Trabants, Wartburgs, Tractors, Trucks, Utility Vehicles....very cool!

I was watching this video of his on an awesome old IFA W50L snowplow truck this afternoon...something cool about it’s rudimentary but very capable nature! The crude but effective wooden battery box, and the extra taillights just tacked onto the end because the original taillights (which are still there) wouldn’t be visible with the snow equipment. The hilarious way the wires under the dash are a sea of spaghetti and how the hydraulic lines (maybe they are air?) just snake in, around and out of the dash, including out of the deliberately-bent glovebox door. The awesome metal ‘steps’ mounted in a ring around the front wheel hubs for easy of access into the cab. Very cool old girl! :)

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