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Hi Oppo-ers, I'm Danny

I recently entered the wonderful world of being able to post in Oppo, and I'm loving it/making good use of it.

Since I started looking for my first car 2 years ago, I've found that I have a strange taste in cars. I like all of the usual amazing stuff (typical supercars, sportscars, etc) but also have a huge liking for the weird, the ugly, the unusual, and the unwanted. Also, I love engine swaps, despite the fact that I'm very aware of how dumb it is to buy/do one.

So I guess my plan is that every time I find something crazy, rather than pointing it out to my dad who will go "Really?" and roll his eyes, I'll put it on here for all of you. I'm thinking Ill call it "WTFNPOCP"


To start, Here's a Chevy v8-swapped Mercedes 280


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