Hi Oppo,

Lately I've really, really, REALLY been interested in finding an old Datsun and getting knee deep into yet another project. This despite my multiple other moneypit/projects that remain unfinished or not even started yet. This thirst for info took me down the path of rebuilding an old L series motor, converting to EFI, etc. Then I came across this little gem. An old L18 motor that had a KA24DE head slapped on it. Apparently they have the same bore and head stud spacing so all you have to figure out is the front timing cover and chain.

282hp, 175ft/lb, L18 block, KA24DE head (modified with some sort of CAS and whatnot), NA natural goodness. This thing would be an absolute KILLER in a 510! Ugh, I love projects like this. Anyway, enjoy.

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