Hi guys (and girls)!

I haven’t been posting lately, so sorry. been away from my computer for almost a week (because SOMEONE *sideeyes husband* forgot to pack the fucking laptop before we set off for his birthday trip to Mouseland).

Anyways, let’s get started with some car business. I think i finally settled on the wheels I will get if and when uncle sam cough up my refund. I have used this company before, i trust them with my last baby, so i guess they cannot be that bad. VMR V801 forged, pictured here in silver on an RS3. Mine is an S3 in basically the same color so it is not far off.

They also come in something they call “mercury black metallic” which is basically polished face with black trim.


If Uncle Sam is generous, i would get those and a set of ED (or 034, or APR) springs and lower the boy by about an inch. I am sticking to 18s in size, width 8.5. If any Oppo live in South Florida and know a trusted shop to install everything let me know. (i have no room to wrench)

OK car business over. Game business begin. I think last time i posted anything about Cities Skylines was when i was working on a new city. Just to recap, i built a city on a map that is basically an island trio. The map maker already put in the roads for one island, and a couple of connecting highways between the other two islands and an outbound one to off-map locations. I developed the first Island, and then i built a 3-way bridge with a giant highway roundabout.


The problem is that once i started developing the second island (center in the above picture), the two roundabouts (the big one up there, and the other one you can see surrounding the old lighthouse below) became huge traffic choke points, causing huge traffic jams. So i have to change the design to keep traffic moving.


Thankfully i found at least one of my solutions to my problems on Steam workshop. I found a 3 way helix/turbine style junction that would keep traffic moving in the middle of the water:


Basically, it keeps right turning traffic on the highway and any left turning cars would have to use the on ramp loops to move to the other side. No more driving around 2/3 of a roundabout to get to the right exit.

For the one (around the lighthouse), i just knock the whole thing down, bury the interstate just under the surface in a short tunnel (then come back out just at the cost to get to the bridge) and place on ramps in a basic diverging diamond pattern:


That way, local traffic and highway traffic can each go through without clashing into each other.

Cities Skylines, teaching idiots how to design roads.