Hi there Oppo

First and foremost, I want to thank or beat up Jcarr for writing a post earlier reminding myself and all of Oppo it has been a whole year since I have been on here. Probably thank. So where has 505 been and what is cookin’? Around a year ago I got laid off from my high paying marketing gig. Should have known it was too good to be true but such is life. Not being much for being online I did not have a working computer online and mobile kinja sucked then, and I am going to see how much it sucks when I hit the post button. So after dubbing around with a few disheartening jobs to keep the bills paid, I am back to doing what I love, which is high end carpentry and historic preservation work. This being the gig requires me to be away from everything online that takes more than a few minutes. Again, thems what life throws at you, that is what you have to work with. Lost a few logins to email and such that I couldn’t remember but all is stable.

Okay onto the good stuff. We are still building up the coast. The main picture is what it looks like after a year of working every weekend I don’t have my kiddos or other obligations. The garage is still the Oppo garage as I said it would be in a post last year. Still have a few cars. Big Pink is out and driving, Goliath is still sitting waiting for me to finish the house. I sold my 505 and have had a range rover classic as a daily for the past year...kind of a record for me.


Anyhow, I am a bit late for another obligation bit wanted to say hi, maybe I will be around a bit here and there, but I was heartened to see a lot of the same crew on here as when I left. Thank you all, and I do miss you. When I have my house built and we are moved I will certainly be around a lot more.

Bye for now Oppo!


PS I could only get one pic up on mobile, I’ll try to shoot some more pics in replies. Argh KINJA!!!!!!

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