Have you ever just had a sudden inspiration, one that you should have had probably years ago, but your head was so far up your own ass to see it?

I just started trawling CL for Saabs.

Ho, Lee, Sheet. Why have I not noticed these before??

Most of them are early- to mid-‘00 models, pretty much all of them are in cherry condition, and damn near 90% of them are selling for under $8,000... most under $5,000. That puts them right in my price range.


I realize the last few years of Saab suffered GM’s dirty touch, but how did that affect the cars themselves? What’s the reliability like on later-issue Saabs? Why are they selling so damn cheap?

I’m eyeballing a 9-3 SportCombi or 5-door,, or a 9-5 sedan since they’re all about the same price, and I’m flexible on year and mileage, as long as the reliability is there. Please tell me it is!

Here’s a pic of an older Saab for sale here in Austin; a bit too old for my needs, but still something you don’t see often.


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