Again. Sigh

Went for a spur-of-the-moment drive earlier today, exploring new places up in the mountains. I was planning on finding a cool hike or something, but then I saw a new Forest Service Road..... You all know I can’t say no to that.

Spotted on the way home. It’s for rent...


Ironically, after hours of making those dirt roads my b*tch—pegging the needle and punishing the tires—I got stuck heading back, about 20 feet from the road I turned onto the FSR from. 


I’m tired of getting stuck. I keep thinking in terms of approach angle (which is really good) and not breakover angle (which is really... Not good). So... Stuck. High-centered. Ugh. I gotta change my mindset. I don’t want the Miata to be an offroader. I’m not trying to scout a path through the rocks and potholes while crawling at 3mph in 1st gear. I want to be flying through the trees at 80, sliding through corners, laughing each time a fist-sized rock puts a dent in my exhaust, giving zero fucks towards the endless branches scratching hellos into my car as it passes by... 

If I had just “sent it” instead of trying to carefully pick a good path through the rocks I definitely wouldn’t have gotten stuck. I know this because after freeing the yata, I went over the same spot at 60mph instead of my prior 5mph. Sure, there was some scraping. But no real damage, no getting stuck, and 100% more fun!

Still don’t have any real recovery tools, but at least this time I had a bottle jack and a few 2x4 sections.


Made it out after... Oh, twenty minutes of work? Not awful.