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High mileage high maintenance German V8s, pick your poison

Today, in unnecessary car shopping with E90M3, we find two high mileage German V8s. The first is this 2011 E92 M3.

It’s done 121k miles, but it is right around ~$21k. That does seem a little high, but if you want a cheap E9X M3, you’re looking at a high mileage 2008 or this. Maybe the E9X M3 isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer something out of Stuttgart.


Yes this car has been featured before, and I’ve even went to drive it:


Strangely, since I drove it, the price has been increased by $1000. I’m sure you could get it back down to 17k with very little negotiation. That would make it $4k less than the E92 M3, which would make for a nice tire budget.

So which one would you spend your theoretical money on?

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