At dinner tonight we were having an automotive discussion with my father, my sister, her boyfriend, and me. Dad was complaining about having taken his 2009 Lincoln MKZ in for the 75,000 mile service and leaving only to find a broken door handle when he tried to get out of the car. For a long time when he traveled for business he would rent a car before driving to the client site, so his car didn’t rack up a lot of miles, but he’s always driven it locally. My sister is complaining because her 2010 VW Golf has lit up the check engine light. The last time it happened she took it to the dealer for diagnosis and there are two sensors that need to be replaced. She’s only got 45,000 miles on it.

So my comment was, “Sitting in your driveway is part of the problem, it wants to be driven. These deposits are building up on the sensors because it sits.” Her boyfriend backed me up on this, and my sister’s only response was memory of a lemon of a Dodge van we had in the early 80's that would die at any opportunity. It had electrical issues and would die if you used a turn signal while the A/C was on.

I told her I would rather have her Golf with 80,000 miles on it than her low mileage example, but she can’t see my point of view.

She does oil changes based on mileage, and has always had it dealer maintained until now. All other things being equal, I would rather have a car with some miles on it, than a low mileage one. What say you Oppo?