Today was my first time at, and the last high octane Detroit meet of the year. It was cold, windy, and not too kind outside, but here’s what showed up today!!

The difference between this and Pasteiner’s on Saturday, is this is more of the modern Performance/Luxury/Exotic stuff.

And the different...


It’s actually very awesome having C&C right downtown. The cars echo off the buildings and you get to guess what’s coming your way. I prefer this to the C&C I’ve been going to down the street. But since ones on Saturday and the other is on Sunday, I can go to both!!


Strangely enough, the only other thing I could compare this to, are those London sportscar or supercar videos, which I think was kinda neat. Everyone walking around with cameras and whatnot looking all this stuff, in a town that just so happens to be called Birmingham. :p


I’ve also got some awesome videos to share later this week! ^_^

Video of what I’m talking about when I say it’s like those London videos. :p