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Highest Manual Take-Rate after Miata? UPDATED

Autoblog reports that 76% of all non-RF Miata sales are con Manuel (52% for the RF). Among other cars where there’s an option between transmissions, who gets 2nd place to that figure? Likely contenders: WRX (90%! in the US), GTI/R (44%), Mustang (just 20% in 2015?!), M2 (>50%), Cayman/Boxster (~50%), Corvette (a very lame 22%), GT3 (66%!), MINI (11% across all models, click here for details)... Was recently reported that the 86 is just 33% (SAD! but the BRZ is 78%!). Wish GoodCarBadCar collected and aggregated all the stats.

Updated: nice going WRX & BRZ buyers! WRX takes the crown!!


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