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Highlander Problem: Update. Not the Highlander’s fault.

Our Highlander’s stereo system has decided it is going to reboot itself every ten seconds or so.


I have discovered that the issue is (at least in my case) my iPhone’s fault.

Our Highlander is a 2019 Limited. I have an iPhone XS, as does my wife. We both recently updated to iOS 13.1.2 and that’s when the rebooting radio started in the car.


Updating to iOS 13.1.3, which was just released, didn’t help. The dealership reset the radio today, which deleted both paired iPhones. I drove the whole way home (20 minutes) and the radio didn’t act up once. Previously, it was rebooting every ten seconds.

I got home and connected my phone and the system immediately went into its fits of rebooting.


I guess we will have to have no phones paired to the car until the next iOS update? Ugh.

I plan to dive more into the settings (if I can get to them before the next system reboot) and see if there’s any changes that can be made.


Apple fail. And that’s coming from someone who likes his iPhone just fine. No, I don’t want an Android. I just want back to iOS 12.

This isn’t a definitive answer, though, as some Highlander owners have reported system rebooting even with Android phones being paired.


In other news, we had the Highlander professionally detailed and ceramic coated today and it looks AMAZING. Now, to just get those two front windows tinted.

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