I managed to get one photo of it before I fell asleep.

It’s not bad but it is thoroughly “meh.” In every regard. My wife adores it, which means we’ll probably get one. I realize 3-row SUVs aren’t supposed to be exciting, but damn.


The Subaru Ascent was $38,500 OTD and had memory seats, heated second row seats, a heated steering wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and Subaru STARLINK (which made the car be able to be unlocked and locked and remote started with a phone). For a subscription cost, yes. But it was decently priced.

The Highlander is $36,000 and doesn’t have any of those things. Also, Highlander financing is 3.9% (or we can do $6,000 customer cash - but not both). Subaru’s financing is 3.49%. So, that’s a little annoying.

I haven’t even bothered to drive the Highlander. I guess I will in the morning...when I’m more awake.

I’m more frustrated than ever at the Subaru’s possible lack of reliability, because it’s perfect for us in every other way.