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Highway Curiousities

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I live in the grand ole city of Atlanta. I've spent most of my life in NYC. As far as I can tell, there is no sort of etiquette anywhere on any rod in NYC so I never expected any. Moving to Atlanta, I was assaulted with ravings about how Atlanta is a city full of such sweet and caring people; everyone wants to help everyone; there is free delicious Mayfield ice cream everywhere.(The lie hurt the most)


What I have found over the past 6 months, during my 32 mile commute (one way) is that this place is full of inconsiderate, short sighted, sometime plain old ignorant drivers.

I thought a place where everyone commutes a good distance to work would have drivers that understood something as simple as the left lane is for passing, or that the farthest right lane is for traffic merging on. No such luck. My commutes consist of trying to pass someone (surprisingly young someone) on the right because they are doing 54 in a 55. The rest of the highway is going at least 65 but they refuse to go past the speed limit. Good for you, move over!!! So many people have to try to pass them or stomp on their brakes to avoid running over them. I'm not trying to do 90 but I will do 65 and trying figure out a way to go around your ignorant ass is really not the way it is supposed to work.


It is so ironic to see Ferraris and Corvettes cruising in the middle lane and 94 Civics blocking the left lane.

Get your shit together Atlanta.

And while you are at it, learn to drive in the rain.

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