My wife was out of town so I decided to take my kids on a short road trip and hike. We drive out of the desert for a few hours and went on a nice six hour hike. My youngest can’t really hike yet, so I carried her on my shoulders. It was a moderate hike of only 8 miles with about a 1,500ft elevation change. An adult could compete it in 3-4 hours.

We saw lots of cows along the way. Open ranges have screwed up the ecology of the SW pretty bad, so while these guys were cute, I’d rather see them as steaks. The trail we took led to a spring which emerges from the side of a mountain. As someone who was raised in the desert, stuff like this is always cool to me.

A lot of areas with water near my city have been completely trashed, so it was nice to see that this area is still in good shape.