My dad’s R 1200RT, a middleweight touring bike meant for long highway cruises that feels like it’s going to topple over at any moment due to the relatively short wheelbase and steep rake, has quickshift.

Quickshift, for the uninitiated, is a system that allows you to smoothly upshift and downshift without clutching. It does this by sensing when you start moving the shift lever, and cutting fuel for just a tick for upshifts, and by rev-matching downshifts. You end up with insanely fast shift times, since there’s no clutching that has to be done. (motorcycle gearboxes are a bit different than most cars’)

As for functionality... 1-2 is rough, but above that works pretty well. The downside is going balls-out in a gear above 2 takes you to speeds way above what the bike is happy with.

Downshifts, though, are perfectly smooth. Hell, it’s a lot smoother than actually using the clutch.

I know BMW likes to put EVERY bit of tech they develop on EVERY bike (the S1000 RR has cruise control and heated grips.) but this is still kind of humorous.


an automotive metaphor would be putting an LSD into a minivan.