These guys called TopGear TV Series seem to have it all covered.

  • Assemble incredible library of supercar photos and videos.
  • Use TV hosts and celebrities to endorse your business.
  • Claim they can build you a replica for $20K
  • Accept payments for each step that is complete, sending photo/video of progress.
  • Profit!

Superscam Replica YouTube Channel

Check our their channel. They don't miss a beat. Foose is there, Tanner Foust is there. They even chopped up the Jeff Gordon/Pepsi clip already to offer a "supercar camaro that will only go up in value"

Chip Foose even has a message on his main page claiming he has nothing to do with these guys.


Foose Design and Chip Foose are not now, nor ever have been, involved in any way with Rither Sanchez or his company Super Replica. Mr. Sanchez met Chip at an event in Panama like many people do. Mr. Sanchez videoed his meet and greet with Chip so he could edit it later to create a false and misleading video that suggests that Foose and Super Replica are somehow involved in building cars together. Mr. Sanchez is infringing on the Foose mark by using it to create websites for Super Replica. We are making every effort to stop Mr. Sanchez down in Panama and on the internet. Thank you for not cooperating with Mr. Sanchez or Super Replica.

Here's a video on how the payment system works. Seems legit!