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Hippie druggy sexy thingy

So, I’m back from Alchemy. You know, that burn I was going to. It was... wow. I’m really excited for next year already. Here’s a simple breakdown of the weekend, good and bad:

First, I met up with my ex because we were carpooling and camping next to each other. We’re on good terms now, after 5 years of avoiding each other. I still secretly have feelings for her, butttt that’s a story for another day. Anyway, we got to camp and picked a place that we thought was pretty centralized. We later found out there was an entire section we missed, so we were actually way off to the side. But whatever. We got like halfway done with setting up camp when some people came over and offered us nitrous. I figured, why not? And it was really weird. Exactly how it feels at the dentist, except much shorter and a bit stronger. Later that night, we went walking around and were offered plenty more things, but I was uncomfortable so I didn’t take any. The next day, a guy named Gadget came by our camp and my ex decided he would be her hookup for the weekend. He said he would be back, and then he left her hanging. I’m still not sure whether I’m mad or not, because that was kind of a dick move, but then again, that thing I mentioned before. Anyway, I then had a bunch of tequila and passed out in my tent after wandering around a little bit. Then, suddenly, it was burn night. That alone made the ticket worth the price. If you’ve never seen a small building explode to the tune of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” you haven’t lived. I went to watch it with my ex, who left me briefly to go find Gadget (no luck) and then got lost on her way back to me. So I spent the whole thing somewhat concerned that something had happened to her, but then I decided she was probably in his tent and forgot about me, so I went to bed. I woke up and she told me that she got lost and ended up spending a few hours with some people who were all on acid and kept giving her weed.


And that’s about all I can remember. I didn’t do any hard drugs, and I only got drunk the one time, but the whole thing is still kind of a blur. If you like people watching, I’d say you should definitely go to one. I saw tons of naked people, including two “in the act” right in the ashes of the effigy this morning. It was just neat.

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