A Hyundai i10 in Iceland. I found the cheapest car I could (€500 for a week, “cheap” is a relative term there) and on arrival trotted off confidently to the hire office, seeing as I did a tiny red car sitting outside. Not getting that, am I? Yes.

This was a car without anything (note the unpainted and sensible bumpers).

Want to raise or lower windows? Use one of these.

Want to lock or unlock the doors? Pull or push the little buttons. Intermittent wipe? Turn the wipers on and off. Adjust the door mirrors? Haul on individual levers. Have an accident? Make sure you’re driving, because only one airbag. Then again, it had a heater, power steering and I think aircon, a somewhat unnecessary fitting in a country where it rarely reaches 20 deg (C) in summer. Oh, and synchromesh. I had visions of having to learn double declutching.

I rather liked it for all that.

(þrjú means three)