Volvo S60 D3 built sometime between mid-2013 and April 2015. How do I know? We used to own numerous Volvos with the 2.4 5-cyl diesel and this one sounded exactly the same, which is why it was probably the 2.0 I5. Yes, it is manual because Europe.

The Story: My mom crashed the Shitsan once again, hit a patch of ice, understeered straight into the curb. Both right-side wheels need replacement, thankfully they were just cheap steelies. Should be finished later today. Got this as a replacement. She is however very uncooperative about letting me drive it 2 miles to the supermarket, which is odd considering I pay more attention to the road even when I’m not driving and that she didn’t know it was an S60 despite the fact it said S60 on both the tailgate and the key fob. She also has no idea how to turn the heated seats off despite having daily driven a Volvo with heated seats about 8 years ago. More worryingly she doesn’t know how to turn the engine off *cough* START/STOP button *cough*